About Us

We are an online retailer and brand specialist in the health and beauty market. Founded by a pharmacist who has had the opportunity to become directly involved in healthcare and recognize the importance of vitamins & supplements.  After several years of working as a retail pharmacist, she chose to specialize in health & beauty products. 

The products we carry are items we have personally used to determine if they are safe and whether our customers would benefit from them. With a focus on customer centricity, we are constantly striving to identify products that add value in the eyes of our customers. As part of the customer journey we try to ensure our customers have a positive experience prior to, during and after they have purchased our products. In the event a customer is not satisfied with our product/s, we offer them a full refund. In addition we also share customer feedback to the vendors of the products we sell so that they can gain insights on how they can further improve the products they make.